Snippets from Life: Choose Happiness – Make the Right Decision

In the last 10 mins of “freedom” I have (i.e. before I devote the rest of my night to studying), I thought I’d start something new with my blog. tyw2010lifestyle. My original intention was to share snippets of my day or to discuss some idea or thought from the day. Essentially, something that related to one’s life, be it the technology in our lives, the people we interact with and the associated behaviours, or the food we eat, events we attend, activities we engage in, etc. Moving forward, I will continue to do so, but will also begin sharing some daily insights or highlights. Our environment and our interactions+observations are constantly teaching us something. We live in a world full of data. (As I sit here smirking at that comment…)

Each day seems to bring new insight. As we live our lives, no matter how busy or relaxing one’s day is, that is 24 hours lived. By the time you sleep, you think to yourself, “Am I happy with how my day turned out?” Ask yourself a similar question the moment you wake up, “How do I want to live my life today?” Set a positive tone for the day, know what you need to do, and do it well (100% effort. There’s really no other way. If not, there might be something you shouldn’t be doing). Note: How you measure happiness will be subjective, but ensure you have a balanced criteria that is yours.

Keep in mind that each day is only 12-16 hours long (if you intend to sleep for 8 hours). No matter how challenging your tasks for that day may be, at the end of the day, you’ll once again end up in your bed. HOW you choose to approach life is YOUR CHOICE. So while you’re fortunate enough to even be given that choice, what’s stopping you from living it happily and executing with 100%?

You’ll end up in bed, one way or another. A day will have passed. A new day will come. Before you know it, the year will have gone by. There is potential within each day. Be Happy. Show the world what you can do with it — Smile while doing it!


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