Tammy’s Cooking Journey Shared

I drafted this post during the week, and yesterday morning, I came across an article, The Single Lady’s Bucket List, and I thought it went very well with this post.

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Photos above, courtesy of my BlackBerry Torch 🙂 Note: All dishes above can be reproduced. See it as a visual menu! There are approx. 60 different dishes.

I’m not big on cooking from recipes. When it comes to preparing dinner, I’m the type to open my fridge and take random ingredients for a concoction of goodness! I never know what it will end up tasting like, but one LESSON I’ve learned is that soy sauce is not the solution to all problems. I used to dump as much as I could to give my food taste, afraid it would have no taste at all. What ends up happening is the soy sauce masks all flavouring…so you better REALLY like soy sauce to do that…or it just evaporates if you add it in on high heat. Nevertheless, after a while, it gets REALLY boring and tasteless.

I love to experiment. As a student, pasta seems to be the easiest. However, all those carbs really get to you at some point. And the pasta sauce starts tasting the same. I’ve reverted to:

  • oil based pasta sauces – do not be afraid to use oil (olive oil, of course). And on low heat, if you add in the right ingredients (like garlic, onions, cilantro, etc.) you can end up with a very flavourful sauce. Maybe a bit of meat too.
  • A pasta alternative: rice vermicelli, korean noodles, udon noodles; squash, mixed bean soup, etc. With global trade, we have access to a wide array of noodles! Experiment. The cooking procedures for each type of noodle will differ, but it’s a fun learning process. Some noodles require a long time to cook, others absorb a lot of water, while some need to be pan fried a different way. Noodles in soup gets boring after awhile, but I’m still learning about soups.
Some cooking categories. I guess I should outline what to tackle. Aside from desserts & baking, cooking seems more important. I have children to feed one day… and I don’t want to render myself useless… requiring the help of a maid or relying on a husband. That really closes the selection pool. I’m not saying that I shouldn’t be focusing on my core competencies, clearly not cooking, but I’m saying it’s equally important to be well-rounded. I suppose cooking is only a small aspect. Yup. DIVERSIFY and conquer, right?? AHAHA. (tyw Philosophy #1: See your life as an investment portfoilio and diversify your skill set, your friendship network, your interests. You will see so much more that life has to offer when you open up your eyes. Philosophy #2: Take risks, but always stay true to who you are and what you believe in. Create opportunities, and also let them come to you.
The Challenger List:
  1. Pasta & Sauces
  2. Baking > Cheesecake
  3. Chinese Food
  4. Soup bases
  5. Meat
  6. Healthy Eating
  7. International Foods > curry with meat, potatoes, veggies
Cheers & good luck in your cooking adventures! Be sure to share them with me 🙂

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