Learning to Live Life – A Personal Reflection

The new work term has begun and as I look back, I think to myself, 4-months at Research In Motion (RIM) just wouldn’t cut it. It took a total of about 2 months to completely settle and transition. It took an additional month to have me staying still in the city of Waterloo. After spending an entire month of weekends in Waterloo and building my life here, I find myself turning away a trip to Toronto, skydiving, and Niagara Falls this weekend. I must be crazy!

So what happened? During this past month, I fully indulged in my work at the office. Not that I didn’t before, but this time, I was much more involved in research projects and the insights I gained were phenomenal. Working closely with my team members, product managers, and external parties, I got a taste of the pressures and expectations of “full-time” work. This, in turn, has reinforced to me what I need to do right now to prepare myself for the future. In university, we keep ourselves busy with extracurricular activities and try to stay as well-rounded as possible. If you live at home, you have your parents to rely on for miscellaneous things. At some point, all that goes away and you are forced to manage everything.

This past month, I started realizing what is most important to me and have been taking active steps to (re-)prioritize my life and prepare for the lifestyle I am going to have after I graduate.  Knowing your strengths and passions, doing research, and setting S.M.A.R.T goals is the first step. Next, is to both mentally and actively prepare yourself. After, you confirm what you did and you don’t regret it.

Sometimes you hear about the trials and tribulations of others and tell yourself you’re better than that, that you’ve always known where your life was headed. All of a sudden, something happens. Something unexpected. And you realize you never prepared for it. But with that experience, your perceptions changed. You were exposed to something new. You learned to adapt. And you changed. Changed for the better. You became stronger, wiser, and let your mind become malleable in ways you never knew existed. You hunger for even more; knowing this world has infinite knowledge and that life is too short to be lived without a purpose. What is Your purpose in life?

I end with a reminder… to be prepared. To be flexible. To embrace change and challenge. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that one cannot plan every minute nor every aspect of their life. You need to LIVE it!


2 thoughts on “Learning to Live Life – A Personal Reflection

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  2. juby

    Love that you’re learning that everything does not need to be planned, and that you don’t need to constantly be doing and planning to feel like you’re “living” and experiencing.

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