Shads in Waterloo! (Waterloo Shad Valley Alumni Network)

I had the most incredible Saturday this weekend. For starters, I think I’ve completely pushed “Fast forward” on my life again and it’s a tad upsetting that I push so hard – especially when I consciously know it’s in the wrong direction. In fact, question is… is it really in the wrong direction? I’ve lacked “Tammy time”, so I can’t say it was completely satisfying for my life, as a whole. Who knows.

This was my 2nd ever full weekend in Waterloo. It wasn’t “boring”, but it was genuine “Tammy time.” Sometimes you just need those do-absolutely-nothing-at-all weekends.

I moved this morning and now I have enough room on my floor to host at least 2 people. I even vacuumed and wiped down the entire place. Doing so, made me realize what a lazy person I’ve been this past semester. (Conferences, travels, intense weekends don’t count…) My back was (is) aching.  My body was not happy and I was completely disgusted at myself. I’ve decided to start meditating and stretching or doing breathing exercises before showering in the morning. I even got extra bed sheets to lay on the floor. A saying I have is that, “Each day can be a new beginning. It’s what You make of it.” So why not start of with a fresh mindset each morning!

Before I trail off in a different direction – SHADS IN WATERLOO.

This weekend, I met up with UNB 2006, 2007; UBC 2006; and Waterloo 2009. Throw in MacShad 2007. That’s nuts! Through the power of our networks, we gathered a group of people together – online – and set up to meet. Do not tell me that meeting people via the internet is not a norm. IT TOTALLY IS NOWADAYS. Tell me that 1.5 years ago and I would have said you were crazy. In fact, maybe 5 years ago…

I remember before Shad Valley McMaster 2007, I had met almost everyone I would be meeting, via Facebook. I don’t know what it is, but the fact that knowing we were destined to eventually meet in person, made our connection that much more legit. In fact, that’s really how I’ve convinced myself when meeting a couple of others. (It always helps when you “stalk” them and find out who your mutual friends are beforehand…and if you have none…then, get their internet 4-1-1.) Trust me, I’m sure everyone does this. It’s the Internet Age! (And even that might almost be over…haha!) I’ll be honest. I do it. (“Google” people or look them up on Twitter/FB/Linked In) Heck, there are even websites nowadays that do searches for you. Goodness, look at what society has become!

Back to Saturday – We met at Williams and shared our Shad stories. It was interesting to see where everyone had gone and how Shad had impacted them. IRONICALLY, the Shad who couldn’t make it on Saturday…turned out to be my new roommate, when I moved into the loft this morning. Is that fate or what?!

Never had I been so flexible with time, had such an open schedule. I had originally planned to: meets Shads at Williams and see “Jane Eyre” & have dinner with an older Shad Alum (1993 alum – how cool is that??). The movie times changed on the weekend and so did her schedule. I ended up going for BBT (aka. Bubble tea) with 3 other Shads and played games. We literally CHILLED and just chat/drank sugarly fluid. (haha!) At some point of our conversation, I recall P. Wang asking, “Do you have any normal friends?” (normal = people who are not from conference, clubs, organizations, student groups….) Response 10 minutes later: “OMG, I have one! *sigh of relief” He repeated what I said, so it stuck to me. Is that sad? There are more, but I mean, how else do you meet people? Well, I did meet that lady on the train once…but that was not a Sustainable Relationship.

To end off the evening, ’93 UBC Shad met up with 3 of us and we had dinner at Jane Bond in Uptown Waterloo. It was the most relaxing and chill day. The food was phenomenal and I was in great company. It all has to do with mindset, to be honest. Actually good food or not, it was my mood,  I believe.

Connecting is fun and although Shad Valley has been an amazing part of my life, the one organization that has really impacted my life is the Millennium Network. Read this blog post on how my relationships with those in the #MNetwork have been a part of every step of my year!


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