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Rather than blogging on the CESA blog, I decided to paste this personal letter on my personal blog. Today is my mother’s birthday. She is currently in Hong Kong, so it’s technically her birthday already! I drafted an email from my BlackBerry while I was on the TTC today. 850 words later, here it is!

I have touched briefly on my week working from Mississauga and Toronto so far. I made a few more plans when I got home, so in addition, to what you read below, I’ll actually be going to Second City on Friday night (with a friend I met at TEDxToronto) and an opening Blue Jay’s Game this Sunday, with a friend of mine before he leaves for Vancouver. (He’s doing some training with Loblaws right now – pretty cool!)

Originally, I was going to go to Oakville for the rest of this week. One of my closest girlfriends is performing with her music group, but due to exams coming up, I didn’t want to bother her studying this weekend. It’s funny how fast I’ve been able to change my plans. I’ve definitely become MUCH more flexible here. Also, next week, I’m having a cook off with a co-op from Simon Fraser University (We met at RIM Orientation!).


Dear mom,

HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I’m composing this email to you on the train right now. When I have reception, it’ll send.

Guess what? So this week, I’ve been working from the Toronto area. On Monday and Tuesday, I worked from the Mississauga office. It’s really new there and it’s close to Brampton, which is close to the Toronto airport. Lu drove me to work on Monday, then Tewari dad picked me up from work. I stayed over at Anita’s house and we had authentic Indian food that day. I even ate with my fingers! Tuesday morning, Tewari dad dropped me off at work in Mississauga again. The office is very quiet and I have 2 teammates there. My purpose was to become familiar with the new office and to attend a focus group in the evening.

My team is divided into 3 smaller teams. One of them does research. I am part of this team and another team, which does analysis work. Nevertheless, I asked my teammate what he was working on (on Monday) and he mentioned a project that interested me. This project is a study on a particular topic and involves working with focus groups. It’s primary research, so you go out and ask people about their opinions about certain things. It is VERY interesting. I have always wanted to see what it is like, so I asked if I could join him in Toronto. My manager (one of them) said I could, so I went. Mom, it was REALLLLLLY interesting. Seeing people’s reactions, understanding why we were asking certain questions, etc. We worked until 930pm. So that was a long day. I worked from 8am-9pm. CRAZY!! Tuesday night, I stayed in Toronto at Lu’s place.

Wednesday, I worked from Lu’s house. It was nice to work from “home”, but I much prefer working at the office. I feel like the luckiest co-op student. It is not often that any student has the option to work remotely, meaning from anywhere. This is another reason I LOVE RIM. As long as you get your work done, there are resources to help you move forward. Even the resources we have right now are what enable my team to work anywhere. What I’ve learned is that one needs to be very grounded. You must discipline yourself.

While working from home, I spent some time doing chores.  (Actually, just putting chicken in the oven to bake – haha!) I made chicken over the weekend. RAW chicken. I cooked it in 3 different styles too: 1) chicken strips covered in flour then pan fried (I put this in a pasta sauce after – it was delicious!!), 2) soy sauce chicken bits (going to use this in my congee tomorrow), and 3) baked chicken breast that I marinated. It was very juicy and tender. Although it could have been more seasoned. I’ll definitely need to learn more meat dishes from you and dad in June.

This evening, I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario with my friend from the Millennium Network. We talked a lot and got to know each other better. We found out about several mutual friends of ours too! By the way, the AGO has free nights on Wednesdays!! 6-830pm. I saw a lot of European Religious artwork and a special Maharaja exhibition, which was all on Indian Kings and that time period. I learned so much.

My friend, Claudia, is in town. I know her from AIESEC and she was part of my Hong Kong crew from that summer I worked in Hong Kong. She is working on the national AIESEC team for Canada starting in May, so she is training here until Sunday. Tomorrow, I am working from a coffee shop downtown, because I need to pick up tickets from Benedict (Friend I met at Impact! Conference). His building has some quiet areas for me to work, so that’s perfect and I don’t have to worry about people bothering me. I will take a lunch break and head to Eglington to work from the MC Office, where Claudia is, then head back home (Finch station) to shower and grab some food. Lu is working from Hamilton tomorrow, so he left to go there this evening. That said, I currently have the condo all to myself!

I can’t write anymore, as I want to do a bit of follow up for work before I sleep. Tomorrow is a big day and I need to wake up at 7am. I’m excited for the Images Festival (Film and Video festival), as it will be a video screening of “Rivers and My Father”. It is about a father and his son, who lived near the Yangtze River in China.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again and let’s Skype soon! Let me know how you celebrate your birthday!! I hope you liked the gift I hid for you back at home! I’ll have something in the mail as soon as I get back to Waterloo and have a moment to send it. It’s very small, as it is an addition to the gift I already got you.

Take care!!!!

Sent “On-the-Go” from Tammy’s BlackBerry® smartphone


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