Appreciation & Acts of Kindness – Thank You, Dear Friends!

The people around me have been so awesome lately. It’s as if God is showing me who my true friends are. I’m really learning to appreciate each person around me even more. Thanks, God.

Nowadays, it seems as though people are not as appreciative of the people and opportunities around them. Sometimes we take things for granted and don’t say “Thank You” enough. As such, I wanted to thank each person who has touched my life this week (just in the last 5 days!) and acknowledge your presence in my life. See it as my way of saying, THANK YOU for making this world & my life so much more amazing!

If we’ve talked at all this week, you’ll probably find your name listed below. It’s just that each encounter has been phenomenal (despite only lasting a couple of minutes)!

  • A. Chow – saved me a cubicle at 8am, printed my notes when my printer ran out of toner!
  • M. Balacano – calling Fido for me and finding me an appropriate cell phone plan
  • O. Hajar – driving me home and apologizing for his car getting stuck, then telling me to sleep and not worry
  • A. Rao – coming to study with me and walking far from campus
  • C. Wolinski – bringing me a Star-bucks latte
  • R. Dhaliwal – hehe…snacks and more food sharing
  • R. Schultz – emailing me the cutest photo of MARS holding the Care Bears I bought him
  • C. Lung – messaging and searching for me in the library
  • C. Nguyen/ W. Chen / S. Fulawka / L. Zheng / C. Duong (gaje) – for messaging to check up on me and making sure I’m sane and staying focused
  • N. Pon – her awesome Twitter messages. (although, will be off Twitter for the next 5 days) #likealittle (HA!)
  • Christian bros & sis – praying for me
  • C. Cheung (ON) – for being amazing and sending me emails/gtalk messages, Boomerang/UW info and meet up with L.Zheng set up =)
  • C. Cheung (BC)- finally calling me for a much needed talk! (What’s MY 10 for?!)
  • A. Gupta – calling to ask me for suggestions/advice and sharing his thoughts/worries =)
  • A. Wong – emailing to ask me for my address to mail me a Christmas card 🙂
  • V. Buch – sharing her special news with me
  • L. Manohar – Sis-to-sis talk to be scheduled in 2011 (miss you too, lil sis)
  • T.Wong – an amazing farewell gathering/study break and TYW Stimulus Package!!!!
  • Amazing people in Waterloo/Ontario that I cannot wait to meet!!! Love their messages and excitement to meet! (M. Summer, S. Wang, J. Fung, etc.)
  • B. Dew – being an awesome BGF and keeping me on track, sharing his personal stories and being super open with me
  • T. Nguyen – scheduling a much needed Skype chat post exams
  • J. Le – always offering to drive me home. merci!!!
  • D. Liu – Text before heading off to China! (我有mail 给你)
  • A. Pinkasovitch – ctrl + ~ that is all, rousta busch!
  • M. Moi – replying my email and being so thoughtful in connecting/introducing me to a future contact
  • S. Younus / T. Lim – Texting me to see if I’m still in town and reminding me to keep warm =)
  • (High school) teachers & personal mentors – for their emails and constant support…remembering me too (C. Gifford, S. Ashmore; K. Dial, S. Surypitt)!
  • Mum & Dad – despite your XXX calls each day, I know it’s because you LOVE me.
  • Sorry if I missed you… Thanks for all the support!

I better go now. Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, etc….break for the next 5 days. I guess the news, Timmy’s breaks, hospital caf, and random walks in the snow will be my happy breathers 🙂 Please email to contact. BYE!

PS. Would you please fill out my Special Memories Project if you have a chance. A mini online Christmas gift pour moi.

PPS. I’m looking forward to some tech talks with people post exams. (Talk about technology, literally…and some awesome programs!) Also, open house at my place on Dec 23 and 27. And new projects in 2011 to start preparing for. Shall have it all outlined very soon.



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