A Motherly Chat: Quality of Life

Sunday morning motherly chats – a summary of this particular one. I’m not sure what your motherly chats are like, but here’s a glimpse of mine! I suppose I’ll write something longer another time. (From my mother, to you! haha!)

To determine one’s Quality of Life, there are 3 factors we measure:
  1. Standard of Living
  2. Community & Relationships with others
  3. Personal & Emotional Well-being
*Also need WISDOM
Have an amazing GREY CUP weekend basking in the blanket of white snow, whilst thinking about deadlines, projects, and exams. Good luck!

Post Script: I realized I haven’t been adding hyperlinks to many of my posts, but here are some links (below) to older posts you might be interested in. Keep in mind why I even started this blog in the first place. Enjoy!


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>The Push to Relaxation… “Last week, I retreated away to Varadero, Cuba with my family. Sitting among Europeans, Canadians, Ukrainians, etc., I felt more calm and relaxed than…”

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>Shopping On A Whim Leads To Marketing Vulnerability “Until this year, I rarely succumbed to the marketing tactics of retailers, but the more I learn about what’s actually…”


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