TEDxToronto 2010 (Part I): A Visual Recap

The story of my (7am-2am) day at TEDxToronto…through pictures! (Please click on one of the links below to view my photo albums – *Photo Album Preview Below*)



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It’s officially been 1 week since #TEDxToronto 2010 and I wanted to share my (behind-the lens) experience with everyone. Little did I know that a “fun” application would turn out to be such an amazing journey with 299 other participants. I thank my mentor for the encouragement to go on a limb and actually fly out for a 1-day endeavour. (Pretty crazy investment for a student, eh? HA!)

Blogging about it early August and reflecting throughout the entire process (Accepted to TEDxTO! So What’s Stopping Me? & Where There’s A Will (And a Plan), There’s A Way (TEDxTO follow up)) to setting up an intense 5-day, 4-night schedule (TEDxTO…Here I Come!!!) before my arrival, I felt as though I was being “called to action.” (No pun intended!) To those who know me, schedules like these are “a way of life,” but being in one of Canada’s largest cities made it even more EPIC and I truly felt part of the community in Toronto. Thank you, YYZ! (I will be back.)

Before this description gets too long – the conversations that I had and the incredible network of people that I met/reunited with made it all worth it. (“Network” meaning: a group of highly interconnected individuals who share many of the same passions and mindsets.) Witnessing the power Canadians in the local area was, in itself, very inspiring and the opportunity to connect with them was priceless. Actively engaging with this community and hearing about their experiences & thoughts, first-hand, was invaluable. As a member of the next gen that is passionate about Canada’s future, this trip affirmed to me that what is coming up is going to be significant.

“Canada is up for some drastically positive changes. It up to Us to make it happen. The amazing thing? Anyone (i.e. YOU) can be a part of it. The question is: How?”

Wake up, Canada. The time to act, is NOW!


Ps. Recap of the Conference itself and my EPIC T.O trip is coming soon. (Nov 7)

Photo Album Preview:


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