Power of (Shad) Connections & Hugs…!

Post below is taken from my Tumblr page. (Once I link Tumblr to Facebook, I will refrain from having the same posts in WordPress, as these are separate projects.) Regardless, I figured I’d post something before writing my TEDxTO 2010 & Sept/Oct Toronto trip recap…since my To Do list looks homework/writing heavy this (long) weekend and I’m not sure when I’ll have time to write it. (Have no fear, I have a “sticky” started and I like to think I have good episodic memory – the photos help, if anything! Shall post those during a break, first)

PS. Speaking of projects, reminder to please fill out tyw’s Special Memories Project

PPS. Here’s a sharing of an interesting article I just read on the Tablet Market (might I also add, that I’m loving the Globe and Mail’s new site design! Not too sure about the color print copies though…doesn’t seem very sustainable at first glance, but I’ll have to look into that.)


It’s been awhile, I know. I haven’t exactly been writing daily, but I suppose this “blog” (or lack thereof…) is an open space for…anything! From now on, I will post HIGHLIGHTS of my day, RANDOM musings, and links to articles I’d like to read. Perhaps random thoughts that come to mind too and informative links.

So here’s my sharing from today…

I contacted my Shad son today and we finally met up! (Throw in some awesome mother-son destress hugs too!) It was soo good to see him again. He’s been making an effort to get together with me, which was rare in the last 2 years. It was usually me making the “move.” haha! It’s such an awesome feeling! We need a heart-to-heart, according to him and that makes it even better! The fact that we’re still so tight and that he wants to sustain that connection. (Gotta reel in our other MacShad 007)

Secondly, I met up with our awesome 1986 or 1987 Calgary Shad today. Got to see his cute 2-year old again and the little one gave me some warm hugs. What a cutie!

Saw yet another Shad on my way out and later we met up to study together.

Seriously – what a Shadtastic day! I was prepping some work for my retail class (i.e. creating a casually dressed avatar during my spare) and talked to 2 more Shads on Facebook. Both younger than me. I am constantly amazed by what amazing things youth of our next gen are doing!

This is getting longer than I expected, so I’ll end now. I have to finish my Synthesis report.


Reminder for any Shad reading this that it’s our 10/10/10 Party this Sunday at 02:02:02. Our “Powers of Ten” movie arrived in the mail today!!

Reminder for any MacShad 007, that it’s our online reunion at the end of the month too. (Details all on FB event from our group and via group emails)


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