TEDxTO…Here I Come!!!

    So I’ve been told that my 4 days in Toronto are crazier than what some current local residents have done in years – really?! You tell me! Ready for my EPIC 4-Day schedule?? Here it goes…

    PS. You know what I love about it? Obviously the PEOPLE I get to meet/re-connect with…but also getting to take public transit and live just like a local resident!

    Bon Voyage,







      Arrive YYZ

    1. Harbourfront (& Locate Glenn Gould Studio)
    2. The Grilled Cheese
    3. Kensington Market
    1. WEAO: UT Chapter Fall Kick Off (King & College)
    2. Blue Jay’s Game




    Open Space

    TEDxTO After-Party


    York U (Osgoode)

    Millennium Network  members unite(!)

    Future’s Bakery Café

    1. UTM Fundraiser for Pakistan
    2. Bollywood/Girl’s Night


    Tewari Family Time

    MacShad 2007 Reunion

    Impact! 2009 & Jexplore 2008 Reunion

    Nuit Blanche



    Arrive YEG (@noon)

    2pm: ESO Concert – Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Featuring: Ewald Chueng – proud of you BGF!) Previous visit Blogpost: Downtown Stroll and Creperie

    Follow Up & Prep


4 thoughts on “TEDxTO…Here I Come!!!

  1. Oh darling… your schedule looks fabulous, but trust me – after a few days riding the TTC the charm of our public transit system will wear off :p lol.
    Have a blast in Toronto – Maybe I’ll see you around!

  2. Tammy

    Lauren – A pleasure to meet you! =) Thanks for your comments. The Grilled Cheese…to be honest, not that amazing. Really typical. Daddy Wong’s grilled cheese tops! hehe.

    A full day of TTC and I’m starting to miss the ETS, despite it’s inefficiencies…! The LRT in Edmonton is REALLY new compared to TTC cars… BUT – I’m still loving Toronto!!!! TEDx After-party? Look for the girl in a blazer, skinny black jeans, heels, and…and a light purple/pink-ish top??

    Hope to see you around 🙂 I like following my schedules! (or try to) Just say “Hi!” – seriously!

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