Living Life To Its Fullest: 6-day WOW Update

My sincere apologies for an overdue post (probably just apologizing to myself – or my amazing anonymous blog readers/friends), but I don’t think daily posts will do. I have, however, been active with my Twitter account, but managing 2 blogs, FB, Twitter, fanpages, and an ever-growing email account, school life, work life, extracurriculars is just…well, A LOT! (*AHEM, switch the order of all that around! Clearly, school work comes first.)

Here are a few updates! (A quick snapshot!)

(Msg above refers to “daily posts” – this blogpost was originally intended for my tumblr:

1) *drum roll please…..* I WON BLACKBERRY DEVCON10 TICKETS from a #swtoronto tweeting competition. (WOW – completely shocked!) I spent 10 minutes explaining what it was to my mom this evening – plus the technology industry from a business perspective and a developer’s point of view.

BlackBerry DevCon10

Start Up Weekend Toronto Competition

2) *drum roll please……………* I received a letter today from Golden Key International! I have been accepted (oh wait, the letter says “nominated by [U of A]”) into the organization. Yay! Now I know whereabouts I stand in comparison to other business students at the University of Alberta School of Business.

(I am ecstatic, because this was secretly a goal of mine last academic year! To my mentors who know about the craziness I’ve been going through ever since university started, I thank you for keeping me on track and providing your guidance and support to me. I can’t wait until the November to be formally accepted by my university.)

More info:

3) The above 2 events both happened after my first day in my “new TYW mindset and lifestyle“! Also, the day after Mid-Autumn Festival!

4) Today is #TEDtalkthurs for me! I implemented these last week!

5) Had my first Millennium Work Out with two other Millennium Laureates today! (It’s part of my Local Millennium Network initiatives to bring more people together!) I feel so energized, especially since I’ve been progressing in my jogs! (Millennium Fall Potluck tomorrow! Reminder to self: gather everyone’s networks – I might actually consider organizing the Bar Philanthropy event…caution…)

6) Highlight of my week: Constantly connecting with friends! I met up with more Shad Valley Alumni this week – surprisingly (or not) at the library! They found me in my favourite spot! Plus, this morning, a fellow MacShadster 2007 also texted me to meet up! (Last week, it was my Shad son too!) I’m excited for our 10/10/10 party!  Shad Valley International is doing a great deal to connect alumni – check out their Linked In group!

So…who else? Obviously Millennium, then a friend of a friend (now, also my friend). I accidentally called him right before his lecture – it’s pretty cool, he teaches a Nursing class!

Shad Valley Alumni LinkedIn Group:

There’s more, but I’m running out for the annual Mid-Autumn Festival WONG Family Dinner!

T-7days until TEDxToronto! Also TEDxEdmonton has released the date for our second TEDxYEG Conference! (May 7, 2011) AND – my Toronto plans are set and it looks like I’ll be going on adventures!

I hope this was brief and enjoyable,



2 thoughts on “Living Life To Its Fullest: 6-day WOW Update

  1. O tammy!! First off… CONGRATS on the Golden Key International.. u are truly an inspiration! Doing all the things you do as well as excelling in your school work is just amazing! You always have a hundred things going on but most of all I love that you take time to meet and keep connections with ppl! Sometimes I just wonder how u do it all!!!

    Make sure u take some time out of ure schedule to relax/chill out! Cause u know us busy ppl just keep going and going and going.. I being quite guilty of that myself

    I MISS U!!! We hafta set a date to meet.. i’m thinkin next week or something.. Msg me or something and let me know when u can meet..

    – Nurin

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