Dear Friends: a “tyw Special Memories Project”

|Project link: ||

As a follow up to my 21st birthday goals (photos included – see album description), I wanted to keep a collection of “Special Memories” from the people around me. The moments we shared in getting to know each other has definitely set the foundation for our friendship and whether the last time we connected was a week ago, a month ago, or a year ago, each time we communicate, it feels as if no time has passed. I never want to forget these precious moments and this thought is what sparked my project.

***Write as much as you please. It’s your contribution that counts! ***

In addition to connecting with each of you again, I wanted your contribution to a personal project of mine. Something meaningful that money could never buy – your words will forever be a part of “tyw’s Gratitude Journal.” The stories and words you leave me, will be my source of inspiration and happiness and every time we meet we can reflect on some of these stories and goals that we set together!

Thank you for being a part of my life and for putting the smile on my face each day. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! And thank you for the heartfelt thought and time you have put into giving me your precious [Gift of Time].

I hope you enjoyed my birthday reflection blog post.

Be in touch soon! Here’s the link one more time:


PS. Friends have requested a sharing of some contributions. I promise to dedicate a page on this blog to my project and I thank you, in advance, for being a part of it. Answers will be kept confidential or private as possible. Promise!


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