Business Student’s Association – Article Sneak Peek

I was asked to write an article for the Business Student’s Association this summer. Originally, I was pitching to write a piece on Investopedia, as a part of my infamous marketing plan to “Develop Academic Markets”. However, it would be more meaningful to shed some insight on the Co-operative Education Program, so I tweaked the article a bit – “Kill two birds with one stone,” right?

Here’s the 100 word preview I was asked to write. (It’s exactly 100 words, obviously…!)


What do Facebook & Investopedia have in common? If you’re a business student who wants to get ahead this year, here’s a secret and personal connection to the largest financial education resource! You don’t want to miss out on resources other universities are using. | Fall 2010 Highlights: attending TEDxToronto conference, indulging in Business courses & networking, volunteering with the Millennium Network. | Best Summer Memory: relaxing on the beach in Cuba and visiting friends in Toronto. | Advice: “Become the change…the future depends on what you do in the present.” – Gandhi. Push yourself this year and take a risk!


Look forward to the full article in a week! (I’ll post the original, as well as the link to an online publication as soon as it’s released!)

Off to be a hostess for the day (Welcome to Edmonton, Geoffrey!), then for some wings with one of my mentors before Fall kicks in!


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