Celebrating Ramadan – 1 Chinese, 50 Arabs; All Asian

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For the last 3 years, I have been organizing “tyw – Arabic Girl’s Nights.” These usually happen during the Christmas holidays, when Finals are over and it’s time to bask in a day of pure fun and joy with the people I enjoy most. I also call it a “domesticate tyw day.” One of my closest girl friends, D. Rahme, will come over to pick me up, we’ll go grocery shopping, I’ll see something new, and then we’ll go home and BAKE! She’ll prepare supper and I’ll be there, so the learning continues!

Over the years, I have met DR’s family and friends, and I’m confident to say that I’m quite well-known in the Arabic community…or so I like to think. If not before, I’m pretty sure this Asian face stood out amongst a house full of Arabic people this evening!

“We’re all Asian, you’re just Chinese.”

I was reminded that I was just like the company we had today – Asian! To be honest, these situations are not abnormal for me. Growing up, I surrounded myself with very diverse groups of people and was never a part of one clique. In fact, DR claimed that “[I] talk to everyone and  make friends easily,”  so she wasn’t worried about inviting me over! I have to agree. Much of that has been beneficial to my personality and my ability to connect with people, regardless of race/age/interests. To this day, I am appreciative of the communities I have been welcomed into and words cannot even begin to express my gratitude for their sharing, patience, and continued graciousness towards me.

It’s funny that I say “the company ‘we’ had…” I think my friendship with DR has grown so strongly over the years that when I was invited to the dinner party, I automatically assumed I’d be going early to help out and leaving late, after cleaning up. (Also, taking home a lot of food to share! DR is an amazing cook.)

Fasting ended at 8:34pm today, and literally minutes after, the kitchen was bustling with people, with line ups all the way to the basement! It was a “gong show.” (haha!) I don’t know how they did it, but the food was devoured! Middle Eastern families (and Indian families) are amazing party hosts. I was amazed watching the entire process and my “party planning” skills cannot compare to theirs! (I’m learning!)

My food is still digesting and I am exhausted from my 7am-2am day! I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos. A big thank you goes out to the Rahme’s and Shawar’s – I look forward to our Halloween K3G evening and the next tyw-Arabic Girl’s Night!


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