Where There’s A Will (And a Plan), There’s A Way (TEDxTO follow up)

“After all, an idea without any action behind it merely stays as an idea.”

Three days ago, I found myself a little stressed out. Perhaps it is: the last week of my work term, people leaving the city (reunions), pre-semester meetings, and the plethora of personal planning, etc. I suppose everyone is indulging in the last weeks of summer and  getting ready for what the Fall has in store.  I guess I’ve just joined the club!

In my last post, I mentioned a few barriers to attending this year’s TEDxTO and as we all know, “not every story has a happy ending” -BUT this one feels like it does! Looking at the blog stats from my last post, I wanted to thank all my new/existing readers for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and “listen” to my (apparently) “interesting” life. I thought it would be appropriate to include a follow up, so here’s a snippet to what happened – and all in the last 2 days!

Realizing my tight deadlines and list of To Do’s, I re-prioritized, did some thinking/discussing, and then immediately took action! In short – a reach out for sponsorships (student budget…), scheduling (courseload!), and after finally reaching the appropriate personnel, a verdict has been reached and it’s time to get things done! I think what really moved things forward, was the energy and passion I used to fuel/motivate my actions.

I am particularly pleased with how everything has just flowed and found that the lines of communication were consistently open – viola! It was all quite efficient. I’ve re-learned the importance of setting strict deadlines  and acting immediately on critical tasks. (Despite the fact that I’m still getting over my 7am-11pm day, yesterday, in which I was working off 3 hours of sleep…cost-benefit?!) It’s seemed to have paid off and I am ecstatic about going to Toronto. I haven’t exactly reached out to any of my networks yet, simply because I didn’t want to create expectations before solidifying my plan, but the more I think about it and look back at these last 2 days, the more excited I feel and know this is the right decision! In fact, I’ve looked into flights, possible accommodations, considered my course load (about to email some profs), contacted a few friends, and my goodness – apparently Nuit Blanche is on Oct 2! And right now, I feel like there are so many things I want to do and people that I need to meet when I’m finally back “home.”

Above all, I found this entire process a little ironic – “A Call To Action.” (theme for TEDxTO 2010) What’s even more ironic (to me) is the fact that I find myself filling out the form I strategically created for the BSA (Business Student’s Association) last summer. Look who’s being tested now…  Off to pilates and to fill out another “fun” appplication! Cheers!

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