Accepted to TEDxTO! So What’s Stopping Me?

The excitement I am slowly building up inside is actually quite indescribable. I didn’t realize that TEDxTO was THAT big. In fact, I applied on a whim. One of my mentors asked me to nominate him and that’s when the memories from Edmonton’s first annual TEDx event all came back. I might sound a little ridiculous to say this, but I really enjoyed the application process. 200 words each, for a couple of essays, and well, me being me (given the circumstances at the time) – decided to apply in the whole 60 minutes before it was due! I remember telling my mother I was doing something important and I needed 1 hour of “Tammy time.” Talk about working under pressure!

Nonetheless, after attending TEDxYEG, I remember thinking – wow, Edmonton is really starting to turn around! The talent we have here is incredible and it seems like it is all starting to emerge. I was thrilled to be a part of the group of 100 in the live audience. The ability to talk to the speakers afterwards has made all the difference. It gave me the opportunity to push myself a little further and test my networking skills. Being the third-year university student I was back then (a few months ago!), I was fascinated to speak with so many inspirational leaders who have really succeeded in their lives. Learning from them and having the ability to contact them, still, made the experience much more personal! The impact – well, I actually started a public blog and tweet! It lubricates the lines of sharing, right? Without getting those ideas out there, how can AMAZING things happen?

So what’s holding me back right now? Here’s my tweet from a few weeks ago (Aug 3), when I was still contemplating applying:

“to apply for tedxto or to apply for a job in ON first?? The two must go together for this work! Decisions, Decisions!”

I’m a planner. I like to keep my options as open as possible. And as a fourth-year marketing student in the co-op program, I see myself working anywhere! Although, I have always been keen on moving to Toronto and starting my career there. The vibrant city, “Torontonian” mentality, the people, my friends, the opportunities – HUGE! Clearly, I applied for TedxTO first and now I’m “PUSHING*” for the job. My plan B, as I always like to have several plans, will be to apply for sponsorship through the business school.  It would plague me to give up such a phenomenal opportunity! With an Aug 26 deadline to RSVP and my current co-op term ending soon… I better get going!

*PUSH = the PUSH mentality or what I like to call the “PUSH mode” is something I invented during my 3rd year. It’s a time when my schedule seems to be completely FULL (how that happens – God knows!) and I ensure my heart, mind, and actions align so that I fully concentrate on my goals and the tasks at hand.

*** Cheers to this month’s PUSH week! ***


3 thoughts on “Accepted to TEDxTO! So What’s Stopping Me?

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