Rhythm and Romance – Kenny G in Concert

Looking at some other blogs, I’ve realized that an effective blog is one that allows a reader to fully encapture the lifestyle of the writer. It need not be long, but snippets from their daily life and learnings, I find, makes for a very interesting read!

From now on, I promise to write more entries and share a lesson or story from the day. It’ll be interesting, since I’m used to writing big, long essays or writing reports!


This evening, my mother and I attended Kenny G’s concert at the Northern Jubilee Auditorium. It’s a pity it wasn’t a full house, because his performance was incredible. “Forever in Love,” “Song Bird,” and “My Heart Will Go On” (for the encore). He was signing CDs/DVDs and for his tour, he’s giving away a saxophone from his own line. When you buy 2 of his discs, you are entered into a draw. Performing on that saxophone, for you and another person (on stage), you then have the honor of keeping the sax and he signs it. What a great marketing technique!

Kenny G in YEG
Kenny G in YEG (I just had to!)

My mother has several of his CDs and I grew up listening to him from time to time. I never really appreciated his “smooth jazz,” but it was during some time during my early teens, when I would listen to his CDs while I studying for music theory exams.

Nonetheless, we purchased his “Rhythm and Romance” DVD and for the first time, stood in line to get a disc signed! (second in line) He has a new CD “Heart and Soul.” Listen to Kenny G. feat. Robin Thicke – Fall Again

I end with: Kenny G…gorgeous! (even post 50 years)

It reminded my mother and I of our trip to Havana, Cuba this summer!


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