Simplicity…Derived From Complexity!

Intro Video (added: Aug 30, 2010)

I am inspired to write today, because of three young boys I sat close to on the train home from work. My “eavesdropping” was not on purpose, as it was their high-pitched voices which called for my attention.

“Whoa!!! It’s going so fast! We’re going under – no, we’re going down! Hey, look! It’s a bridge! Look, it’s a river! A river! Wow…this is an understation…there are so many understations – it’s so dark.”

Clearly, I was easily amused at the time. It’s ironic, because evidently the three little boys were much more amused – at absolutely everything – than I was. It made me reflect on the simplicity of life and the little things we’ve slowly come to ignore, as our daily lives become habituated to these “still and regular things.” I realized that the feelings of stress,  who we, as busy people in this fast-paced world often succumb to, are merely a poor decision we make. This mindset, which influences a majority of our immediate actions and choices, are a result of the decisions we make each day – whether it was made in the recent past or late past.

With this thought in mind, it begs the question: Why would humans (commonly known to act out of greed for oneself) make such a poor choice to begin with?

One might say that not everyone encounters feelings of stress, but (come on!) it’s inevitable! As such, perhaps it is the extent to which one allows these feelings to take precedence that determines one’s level of negativity (if you don’t consider the effects of positive stress, which  can benefit oneself, when received in optimal doses.)

To keep this post short, I end with one thought. Whenever you are stressed, rather than focusing on your current state and the endless possibilities you may (or may Not) encounter, pause for a moment and take the role of a minimalist. A good exercise may be to reflect back on a time when you were a child and [realized just how awesome chocolate covered almonds were – even if you ended up being allergic / lost your first tooth to them] or how you were “ON TOP OF THE WORLD” when you [could finally ride a two-wheeler] for the first time! So…

Just put things into a different perspective and remember that whatever is blocking that smile of yours right now, is just as simple and easy to solve as the other things were – only this time, it’s just a little bit bigger for the “bigger” you.


2 thoughts on “Simplicity…Derived From Complexity!

  1. Enjoyed reading this post!

    I think simplicity is very much underrated. We should all try it sometime ; ) And I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    It’s consists of an attitude of gratitude, which unfortunately with our ever burgeoning needs and wants, becomes so very clouded.

    Keep up the inspired writing!

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