Basking in the City on “A Typical Sunday,” Perhaps?

"There is no shame in enjoying happiness/goodness."
"There is no shame in enjoying happiness/goodness."

At some point this summer, I asked myself whether or not it would be a good idea to even start a “public blog.” I questioned the issue of “privacy” and of sharing my ideas and thoughts so openly with “the world,” but here it is, so I might as well embrace the fact that my life is even worth reading about! Actually, if you click on the “about” tab, I wrote a little summary.

I have a funny story to tell before diving into this post. It relates to the paragraph above and the reason I am even writing about a “typical tyw-like day.” Back in high school, I developed a very close relationship with my Student Union advisor. I would see him in the morning – to follow up on projects I was working on,  at noon – for lunch meetings,  in class – he taught me English IB (pretty awesome guy),  after school – to tell him about everything else going on in my life and of course, for student union-related things! Evidently, I saw him a whole lot! I was invited to be the pianist at his wedding 2 summers ago. Unfortunately, I was indulging in the French language and culture and texted him from the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Quebec!
Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal, QC 2008

Mr. H, I’ll call him, was not only an advisor, but also a mentor and a friend. Through my interactions with him, I learned to seek my potential, embrace it, and act on my instincts. He pushed me to believe in myself and to take risks. Meeting him had changed my destiny, leading me on a journey to where I am today. Looking back, I always joke about the impact he had on me and wonder if I would be this “super-organized and insanely busy” girl my friends label today! And yes, I say “label!” Nonetheless, Mr. H once posed an idea in my head – “I wonder what it would be like to have a tyw reality tv show? I think it would really fascinate people to see what you do from the time you get up until the time you sleep and how you do it! ” (HAHAH!!!!) Seriously. He said that. Now every time I have a crazy day, this crazy idea comes up and I think to myself – “hm…I wonder if this would be good content for a reality tv show.” (LOL!) I say this only because I am, after all, a marketing student!

So on to that day – you tell me!

Sleeping much later in the evening than I expected, Saturday night, I woke up at 8am. (I spent the evening watching “Sherlock Holmes” and various TED talks.) My “brother” texted me when he was at the door and by 945am, I was in his car. Updating each other on the past week – even though we saw each other earlier this week at a mini going-away-to-get-married party/reunion/”Inception” movie night with my “high school BGFs” – while I munched on a breakfast I scraped together in 2 minutes, we arrived church just on time. Today we had an private chat with pastor C-H. Sermon went by quickly and I met some new people from Campus 4 Christ in Ontario. That was cool!

I left with my mom and off to a new Chinese restaurant we went! It has a cafeteria-style, but a wide selection of Hong Kong-style snacks and goodies. It seemed like the new “fob” hang-out, with games, Chinese movies/music, etc. The decor was modern and the kitchen was manned by young adults! Next time, I am going to try something from their wide selection of crepes and bubble teas!

Our next task was yoga studio shopping – throw in massage therapist seeking! I’m surprised at how few yoga studios there are in the Edmonton area. I was actually expecting more. Nonetheless, after a stroll down Whyte Ave – stopping at various street performances and of course, Chapters, along the way, plus a drive to 2 other studios, I am now armed with 10 passes under my belt. (This time, not hot yoga. Re: Namaste post.)

A quick visit to my dad’s Wing Chun class and off to City Centre, I went! (One of his students – a girl who was my partner the last time I attended classes – was helping my dad teach! Good for her! I admire her passion for the art.)  Being a little indecisive about my purchase, I called my mother to ask for a good color choice, but ended up going with my first choice. Lesson learned: Follow your heart and intuition. Seriously! (Re: Steve Job’s Commencement Speech) I bought a rose-pink mini wallet from Danier Leather. Travel accessories seem to attract me…nonetheless, it holds a couple of cards and has a zipper for some cash. I love it! I spent some time deciding on black, orange, or the pink, thinking of how it would go with my various outfits and bags, plus the different color combinations that I wear. I searched for a yoga mat case, and was upset at my findings. That will be for another day!

Next stop – City Hall and the Taste of Edmonton! Of all the festivals I have attended this summer in Churchill Square, I’ll have to say that this one attracted the greatest number of attendees. (Food brings people together!) Families were sprawled all over and food tents were properly lined up on adjacent roads. Walking away with: a seafood pancake (Korean Village), fried Mars bar (The Hat), BBQ Ribs (Grill Chef?), and chocolate cappuccino shooter cup (Sutton Hotel) in my stomach, my family went out for dinner! (You did not misread that!) Off to another Chinese restaurant (in Chinatown, which is close by) to complete the rest of my calories for the day – definitely 1500++ cal today.

Finally returning home from an eventful day, I vacuumed the entire second level with our amazing Dyson (I am not promoting this product, since I find it rather heavy for my liking…as I carried it upstairs…) vacuum cleaner and turned on my laptop. Opening the regular sites for some reading and follow up, I ventured to do some “work.” I got excited over the fact that I figured out how to access my work email… Regardless, after analyzing some data, documenting, and scheduling, with some intense multitasking (ex. chat, fb, blog, twitter, music, photos, reading, etc) along the way, I am now near the end of this “DAY.” (An interesting read by the NY Times on Multitasking)

Now it is time for a quick shower and preparations for tomorrow. It’s a brand new week, with more events. Welcome to the life of tyw. I hope you enjoyed this little detailed sneak peek!

So was it reality tv worthy?! (By the way, did you know there is an acting school just for reality shows??)

– Over and Out –


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