Happy Birthday, Tyw! (a belated post?)

*** Special Request – Please See Below ***

tyw cake
Special Delivery from ON.

I recently celebrated my 21st birthday and this year, I decided to set up a few goals for myself. Ensuring to keep busy, I have made it a month-long celebration and am basking in all the attention (I KID!!). In fact, the highlight of it all, has been the increased amount of time I have been spending with friends; re-connecting with friends and connecting them with one another.

People who know me well, would describe me as someone who “travels” around a lot. Not only from city to city, but between different groups and communities of people. The greatest quality of the people I meet is their personality and their passion to cultivate (existing and new) relationships. I seem to attract  unique types of individuals who are motivated for life, community-spirited, extremely energetic, full of patience, and mindful for who they are. Throughout the years, my friends and I have been sharing stories (online, offline, tele, text, IM, letters, email, video conf, in person!) with one another and growing together. Bridging (or what I like to say, connecting) these incredible minds together has always been on my mind and I am finally going to do it this month!

A few of my goals for the next 30 days (June 8-July 8, 2010) are to:

  1. Re-connect with 21 people
  2. Impact 21 lives
  3. Develop 21 new friendships

Update:  So the month has gone by and I have accomplished my goals! I even implemented a work goal (exceeding 1000 FB likes on our fanpage within 1 month after my birthday) and with the help of my colleagues, we accomplished that together! Now the fruits of our labour are shining and that makes me very happy! (Thank you to everyone who also helped make this project of mine a success!)

From 2 family events and a cake break at the office to 2 separate events in Edmonton and 2 more in Toronto – throw in a family trip to Cuba! – I feel like this was a well-spent 21st birthday! The Facebook messages I received from 13% of my (Facebook) Friends – and yes, I did calculate that – put a smile on my face and I promise to reply each and every one by Aug 8. PROMISE! It’s ridiculous, I know, and I apologize. Nonetheless, thank you to everyone who made my 21st as meaningful as it was (and still is)!

*** Special Request: Friendship & Memories

A special present for us to share in the future>>> tyw Special Memories Project <<<
.: GIFT of TIME = Priceless :.

THANK YOU ❤ for your time, your friendship, and our “together” time.
Looking forward to the next time we meet 🙂



One thought on “Happy Birthday, Tyw! (a belated post?)

  1. I enjoyed reading your ‘article’ Tammy. You are the only person I know of from such a young age group who has goals and plans and ideas and never fail to accomplish what you set out to do! A big thumbs up for you! A request….could you send a clone here;))

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