Because a Guy Loves a Girl Who Can Cook…

This is the first of many summers that I have actually stayed at home, and my mother thought it would be the optimal time to teach me some (much needed) “independent” skills. Another line which I have also heard is: “And what kind of a guy doesn’t like a girl who can cook?!”

“Gender-specific? Cooking?” No way! Personally, I find cooking to be absolutely the most invigorating part of one’s daily activities. If you thought labs were fun in high school – being a Commerce student now – cooking is an opportunity to flesh out all your creativity, whilst challenging yourself by utilizing a variety of tastes, colors, and textures.  One of my favourite things to do is to spontaneously open my fridge and “whip” up something with what’s at hand! It definitely “spices things up” and the added pressures of ensuring your end product is better than the last! With that, I have decided to start sharing more of my creations from now on.

Homemade squash soup (tyw productions)

When it comes to cooking, I wouldn’t say that I am a minimalist. I will do whatever it takes to make it “look” just right. As for tastes, you’ll have to try it for yourself! Although I will tell you that it is usually up to par with just how amazing it looks, if not better. (I kid!)

Above, is an example of a simple squash soup: boil small chunks of squash until soft, mash them until the texture is a thick paste, place about a cup of water in a pot and mix together with the squash until most of the water has evaporated or has blended in with the squash . The natural sweetness of the squash will be good enough. For an additional “kick”,  sprinkle some fresh bacon bits and parsley on top.

Most meals are extremely easy to prepare and only require a little effort! The key to cooking is to take risks. Be willing to try something new and see what comes out of it!

Mommy Wong-style flatbread

The good thing about living close to a grocery store is that you are able to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables whenever you feel like it. Above is a beautifully crafted flatbread creation: BBQ chicken, purple onions, fresh green/red peppers, mushrooms, with a hint of spices!

In 2008, I spent part of my summer living in Montreal on my own. During this time, I did a lot of cooking… I shall share some of my creations in the nearer future.

I end with a video of my favourite cooking piece



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