The Creperie & Downtown Stroll

This evening, I reunited with my best guy friend, who is off to Montreal again tomorrow afternoon. He will be competing in the 2010 CMC Stepping Stones competition for the violin in Sherbrooke, QC. ( During his retreat back home, I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of him. We celebrated our reunion after 1.5 years by indulging in some French cuisine at The Creperie (

The setting suited us well, seeing that the last time we saw each other was in Montreal. I wouldn’t agree with the fact that it was voted “Most Romantic” restaurant in the city! I found the restaurant to be a little older than I was expecting and perhaps I was tired from walking around the hour before, but the candle-lighting made me a little sleepy. I ordered the Crepe Ratatouille – one of the vegetarian selections and quite enjoyed the mozzarella cheese that blended well with the eggplant and crepe. With a side of orzo pasta and fresh veggies, it was quite the healthy meal! Presentation-wise, I was not very impressed, but the service made up for it. I found the restaurant to be a little loud, at times, and would have preferred an area that was a little more spacious. Nonetheless, it gave off that old-fashioned sense and I felt like I was eating inside of a wine cellar – everything is wooden.

Following dinner, we were surprised that by 20:00 it was still bright outside and took a stroll downtown. Compared to Montreal or Toronto, there was not a skyscraper to be seen easily. Regardless, the streets were empty and the fine breeze allowed for our pleasant conversation to continue. We talked about life, goals, priorities, friendships, relationships, the past/present/future, and enjoyed each other’s presence. It’s been an 8+ year friendship and I can still faintly remember the first time I saw him performing at the Kiwanis Music Festival Gala in City Hall.

Downtown YEG. Can you Guess where?

To my dearest BGF, Ewald Cheung, wishing you a success in your upcoming endeavours and to our everlasting friendship! I will be your  #1 fan, always!

Reunion with my BGF, Ewald. Plus..."The Contract!"

3 thoughts on “The Creperie & Downtown Stroll

  1. Dora

    wahhhahahah it sounded delicious! eggplant has become my favorite food now, especially it helps with losing weight lol

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