Symphony Under the Sky

Every fall, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra puts on an extravagant outdoor performance at Hawrelak Park, where a music-loving audience is able to enjoy a repertoire of classical pieces in a different setting; basking in nature’s wonders, whilst taking breaths of fresh air, away from the boxed concert halls!

Unfortunately, I have yet to have the opportunity to experience this beautiful atmosphere. Despite hearing about it for a couple of years, my schedule has never seemed to open up! During the Edmonton Volunteer Fair, held at City Hall last week, I found out that this event annually seeks volunteers! That definitely caught my attention and I am considering signing up; therefore, locking down my commitment to finally attend the event.

If you are also interested in volunteering for the event or would like to know more about the ESO’s upcoming 2010-2011 season, visit:


On a completely different note, I watched the movie, “Just Wright” this evening. Thinking I would be fed another typical Romantic Comedy plot line, it was actually one of the sweetest athletic-related romantic films I have watched all year. As a pianist, what really caught my attention, was not only the romance and trust that built up between the two main actors, but also Steinway’s product placement in the movie! I loved it!

Symphony Under the Skype, Edmonton, AB (taken from external blog, thanks!)


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