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[tywlife] A Traveller’s Momentary Reflection – Travelling Consultants

Blog re-posted: This piece was written earlier this month and due to popularity, I am sharing it on my personal blog (here! as well. Just a tad bit of sharing this evening… as I am probably procrastinating on my inbox that has been backlogged due to training + client work this week. But storytelling first! … Continue reading

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[Opinion] The Daily Mentality We Choose To Have

The theme of my life this year (or I suppose, so far) has been: Happiness, gratitude, and relationships. I have been documenting my life — through (1) photos on a weekly/monthly basis, focussing on the people around me and one-to-one relationships I have with each person on weekly basis via my (2) calendar events, and … Continue reading

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New Grad Experience: The Job Hunt & Interview Structure Across Companies (A Reflection)

[A blog post drafted in in Oct 2012 documenting my first New Grad Experience of the “Job Hunt”. It was an exhaustive 30 days that I vividly remember. I wasn’t going to post this, but I thought it would be good insight/perspective for those who have yet to reach this stage of their life. Remember, … Continue reading


#5: 2014 年 3月 6日 星期四 (再來一次: 寫中文)

我今晚想到。。。已經是很久沒有寫 blog 了。我到底怎麼會是沒有呢?真的那麼忙麼?如果是這樣子,性命有意思嗎? 今晚下班後,我很開心能夠跟我的同事去打 乒乓球。真的很開心哦。讓後呢,回家後可以去做運動。(近來身體比較 stiff? 哈哈。這是因為上班太忙,下班後沒有做運動的時間!糟糕。哈哈。但是我已經很努力找時間和 stay committed !)其實, 這個禮拜我很 proud 和 excited 能夠可以去跑步!已經去過四天了! 聽到這樣,我叔叔一定會讓我很開心。叔叔,你真的對我很好。。。啊,我能夠真麼謝謝你呢? Anyway, before I get off track anymore — 今晚用三十五分鐘 (35 min) 跑了4.10 公里。頭的二十五分鐘是最難的。讓後呢,是很容易!我雙腳自己跑了非常快。(I don’t know if you can use such figures of speech in Chinese… LOL! Let me know if it sounds weird.) 我自己都不知道發生什麼事!哈哈 It’s like my legs had … Continue reading

TED Talk Notes

[TED Talk Notes] Dan Gilbert: The Surprising Science of Happiness A year after winning the lottery vs. becoming paraplegic, their level of happiness is the same Something that happened 3 months ago has no impact on your happiness Happiness can be synthesized Human beings have a psychological immune system — help us change our views of the world so we can feel better about … Continue reading

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Embarking on One’s Career: The Job Hunt, Applications Process, and Interview

While it’s still fresh in my mind, I thought I’d write up a quick post on my applications process and include some tips I found useful. If you’re job hunting, stay hopeful and don’t just settle. I’m sure you that deep down, you know what you want. Stay confident and do not give up! *Note: … Continue reading